Nord & Surfshark are Merging

Here is the link from CNET

Strange, I just read an article a couple days ago about how they do work with each other but will remain seperate, I believe SS is/was a break away of nord.

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Same here. A little odd, but that’s what companies do I guess

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Interesting how this will play out, nord is a huge monopoly, this means surfshark being nord will have the same high prices…

We will see.

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I sure hope not. I love my Surfshark price and how well it works for me


Right now Nord is $3.71 a month and IPVanish is $3.75 a month. Just checked both sites a few seconds ago.

SurfShark is on sale at $2.49 a month.


And when surfshark becomes nord you will see a price increase.

Also it’s pricing point is different for Canadians. It’s 115 bucks a year for nord. Break down the math of what they are doing. 3.71 looks good on paper. How does 3.71 which is 44 a year become 115? Just my 2 cents l forsee more mergers coming. Time will tell.

My sub goes until April 2023 so I have some time to see how this pans out

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Proton is free! (123456789) :shushing_face:

…needed 20 characters. lol

Well my surfshark subscription last till 2025…so we shall see :grimacing:

Not sure about the idea of free vpn but that’s just me

If you go free Proton is the only one I would use. The free version is limited but imho the best and only free one I would use. I use Proton, mail, calendar and cloud storage. The vpn full version is $$$ but its my backup,