No widgets on wolf launcher

I have tried to get my surfshark on my widget in wolf launcher, but when I select the blank space in widgets, the window is blank, so there is no widget to select. I have two mecool boxes and two 4k firesticks. The same problem existed on three of the four devices that I have. One of the mecool boxes had a single widget, so I selected it, got the binding failure message that was in your instruction video, and ran the adp command to correct that, which worked fine. However, I couldn’t get the other three apps to show any widgets to click on. How can I get some widget to show when I choose select widget?

I have posted this a couple times and we have not come up with a solution either time. I have the same issue you have on all of my devices. Would love the widget, but after trying several things I quit because I’m too frustrated with it lol.

ive done this to devices but it requires a little work and its similar to other widgets. You gotta read up on it.

Android Debug Bridge (adb) | Android Developers


Instead of a Widget. Just place the app on your screen.

Here’s one I did last year sometime. The top pic was my home page. The entire screen was hot button to boot Tivimate from anywhere on the screen. The middle pic was my utilities group that scroll down from the top. The bottom screen was my media apps that scrolled up from the bottom. All these apps were hidden from view until you scrolled up or down to reveal them.


I appreciate the link, but the info is all greek to me and does not seem to address my issue. It is showing how to connect a phone to a device which I don’t even begin to understand. But, thanks anyhow.

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