No Wi Fi on T95Z android box

Hi Guys I recently got a T95Z from a friend of mine as he was no longer using it. I connected it and works on ethernet fine but when you go to network the wifi is selected to off when I turn it on nothing is found. After 20 seconds or so wi fi switches off by itself. I have done a factory reset but no good. Any thoughts on this please.

Did you pull the ethernet cable when you turned on wifi? If not, do that & pull power from device & router & boot up again.

I had tried without ethernet cable first and same problem. I only connected it later.

Copy…have you powered down device & router & powered back up? Try that & see if your network shows up. Are any other networks showing up…like neighbors etc?

Worth a try I will let you know how it goes later.

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No networks at all showing up and there usually is many of them nearby.

Well…if none are showing up, it’s definitely something with the box. With my laptop, I would look at my network adapters…not sure where everything is on an android device. I’m gonna have to think on that one. :thinking:

Thanks it does look like box fault I have not tried rebooting box and router with ethernet disconnected yet as my wife is watching TV now will try it later.

Roger that…maybe quiz yer buddy as to it connecting to wifi last time he used it.

Yes I wll do that when I contact him next.

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Thought of one other thing you can check bill…if it’s not downloaded on that box, download the AIDA64 app…it has a Network tab that you will be able to glean some connection info. If AIDA shows that your wifi is turned on, yet you’re still not showing any networks…that might mean your T95Z box wifi radios aren’t working so no wifi is even being received. If a hard power reset on the box & router doesn’t show any networks, or there is some setting on your box that I don’t have on my devices, I don’t know what else it could be. But please keep me posted on any findings…GL2U :cowboy_hat_face:

I noticed one other person that had issues and he had to actually login on the device, to his ISP and that reset/started his WiFi.

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Interesting guys I will check those suggestions out thanks.

Good news resetting router got it back working cheers guys for the replies.

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Excellent…glad it worked out. :+1:

Crap it just switched off wi fi on the box itself again and when I switched it on again back to no networks. Maybe there is a setting on the box to switch it off after a certain time but I fail to see why it would have something like that.

There are literally a dozen posts I found doing a google search that all express that this is an issue on that box. It gets a bit over my head when the start talking about “flashing” an update and changing the ROM, and such but if it’s working with ethernet I’d stick with that, more stable. Otherwise which exact manufacturer is yours as I see there are several, as well as what year.

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Copy that Mik…sounds like someone came up with a patch that can be used to fix an inherent problem with that box’s regular android operating system. So…looks like a firmware problem instead of a hardware one…good info. :+1:

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Hi Miki
I am convinced now that I have gone through all the settings on the box that a firmware update is what I need. I will dig out my old laptop with the amlogic burning tool get latest firmware and try that.

Yes that is also what I saw. If you know how to do that kudos to you, as it resolved the issue for most. I did find a peculiar thread stating that when resetting the box, do not change the language until after the WiFi is connected or it won’t connect properly. Very odd indeed but that’s our hobby for ya.
Have fun, Happy Easter and STREAM ON.