No sync Samsung soundbar with Fire stick 4K

Any idea why the fire stick 4k remote won’t run Samsung (Harmon Kardon) soundbar? I tried all the usual setting commands using HDMI, ARC, etc.

Have you gone into Equipment control>Manage Equipment>Soundbar?


Yes several times. I have changed batteries, rebooted, changed all the firestick settings to Soundbar, changed the Samsung TV settings to Soundbar. When the firestick music plays to sync, the firestick remote is unable to mute or change the volume at all. The Samsung remote works fine but NOT the firestick remote. Strange?


Give that a go.

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Thanx for the reference. I tried their reboot and re-sync. Still doesn’t work. Perhaps it is more a Samsung Soundbar issue since the other functions for the remote work fine.

Very frustrating!

I have a samsung bar, but I use an optical cable from my tv to the bar.

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I have had the same things happen to my Firestick 4k Max. The Firetv remote worked well with my Vizio soundbar previously, but around 2 weeks ago it stopped working. I tried troubleshooting, but nothing seems to fix the problem.

This is obviously a software glitch. For some reason the pairing process of the soundbar and firestick remote is not meshing. Unlike your issue, mine never pairs at all.