NO Stream Available on Kodi 19.3

After upgrading Kodi to 19.3 Matrix, addons are showing No Stream Available
This is mostly on my Firestick 4k, but also to a lesser extent, on an older firestick. In the past, I have used Exodus as it gave me all I need. I also installed Crew, but with the same result, no stream available. Not all TV programs do this.
I have uninstalled Kodi from the firesticks, reinstalled and added Kodi 18.9 Leah, but this no longer works for Exodus either. I’ve gone through this routine several times and still I cannot get Exodus or Crew to work.
Any suggestions?

Hi @Stangfan
Welcome to the community.
So, builds if they haven’t been updated to the latest Kodi version may not work; build also are a resource hog.
Consider uninstalling your builds and use a couple of add-ons (Seren, The Crew, for example), Stremio, Syncler + along with real-debrid.

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Thanks for the reply. First, I’m far from being a “tech savvy” guy when it come to this stuff, but I’m trying to learn as I go.
I have uninstalled/reinstalled Exodus and Crew a few times with no success. Maybe I’ll try Seren and see what that brings.
I also see others, here and on the web, having issues with getting an available stream, so wondering if it’s an issue beyond just my firesticks. It’s weird and frustrating for sure.

If you are wanting free streams, those are spotty at best and becoming more difficult by the day. If your not using real-debrid to get streams, you will probably continue to get frustrated.
So assuming you installed apps correctly without errors, then give real-debrid a try. For $3-$4 per month you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks Sbrowne126, So, it looks like “things ain’t what they used to be” as the saying goes. I was wondering about cost as it all adds up. Being on a fixed income (retired), we need to cautious. I will for sure look into Real-Debrid.


I am also retired and on a fixed income. My monthly budget for TV includes $6.25/monthly for IPTV service, $3.25/monthly for Real-Debrid, and $7.50 monthly for IP Vanish. That is a total of $17.00 monthly for all my TV needs. I see all the sports I want, all the TV shows I want, and all the movies I want at any time I want. Far cheaper than any basic cable.

Thanks Dminor9, I assume you run it all through Kodi, so what add-ons do you find best?
To be honest, our costs are quite a bit higher where we live and wifey is starting to like Discovery + along with IPTV we pay for also. It may come down to is it worth it to keep Kodi going. It’s been great in the past, we’ve gone through numerous Android boxes when I needed to pay someone to upgrade them, but now I can do it myself, but the service is dropping off. Time to do some thinking I guess.
Thanks to all for your input.

Sounds about right. Although our Canadian dollar sucks. So I pay $10/mth for vpn. $4/mth for RD. TiViMate I paid $33 for a lifetime sub and don’t pay anything for IPTV or the internet. So just under $15/ mth cdn. Compared to the $340cdn/mth I use to pay

I use Kodi 18.9. I tried 19.3, but seemed to have problems with using it, so I went back to 18.9 and everything works fine. I use The Oath, The Crew, and Marauder Addons in Kodi.
Except for my IPTV service, I watch everything thru Kodi and have no problems at all.

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We’re not so lucky it seems. I pay $15 +tax for IPTV and nearly $70 for unlimited internet. Anything above that is a concern. Thanks for your input.

I too reverted to 18.9, but what is strange is 19.3 works somewhat on my older firestick, but hardly at all on my 4K.
There are only a few programs I like to watch on Kodi, most of which I can no longer find streams for, so that’s why I asking “is it worth the hassle”?
Thank you too for your reply.

I have the 4K Max and Kodi 19.3 Matrix with The Crew and Mad Titan add ons. For sports, movies, series and live tv it works fine for me. Real Debrid authorized as well.

It seems that what works for some, doesn’t work for others. I’m going to try a few of the add-ons suggested and see what that brings. For me, Kodi is just one more alternative TV source. My everyday TV is OTA and that is free and for the most part works fine.
Thanks again.


Also when using 18.9 make sure you have the 18.9 addon versions or you will have issues.

It’s in troypoints guides. As mentioned free streams are hard to come by unless you torrent them on your own.

If you are on a fixed income I’d suggest stremio as you can pull alot of stuff without real debrid thanks to community add on, probably the only source that will do this. Do not use it without a vpn tho.

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It’s only an extra source for me as well. I have:
Ola TV
And of course Real Debrid

On Kodi 19.3, Exodus doesn’t work, only on Kodi 18

Have you tried Exodus Redux? Some say it’s better than Exodus V8 and works on Matrix 19.

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Exodus Redux was my go-to app, but no longer works on my 4k and spotty on my older firestick.
To all above, I just uninstalled Kodi and reinstalled 18.9 on it, then installed Oath on both sticks. It seems to be working great for the programming I want to watch. I’ll install another one or two as back ups. I’m just happy to have something working again and thanks to you all.


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