No sound when playing movie on Serene Add On

Serene add on been working beautifully for montbs. Now can screen the movie from my android Minix box, but no sound. Sound available on other sources. Any suggestions?

Do other add ons work?

Hi Kryten…Thanks for responding…No, there is no sound when playing a movie on other add-ons. Perhaps I need a fresh re-install of Serene add on or even Kodi. I am currently running 19.3.

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Go to settings>audio and switch the audio pass through setting…sometimes that has worked for me.

Thanks elginherd…I tried that yesterday, but didn’t do anything… Got me beat… Might download a new add-on and see if that fixes it…otherwise it could be a Kodi glitch. The new 20 is not far off so I believe?

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What player are you using? Have you tried say VLC?

It’s kind of a puzzle to me Miki, Kodi handles just about any type of media that you throw at it.

I think that I’d uninstalling kodi and installing kodi 19.4.
I really liked Seren for a good long while, but it started acting hinky for me & sound was an issue, IIRC along with a lot of ‚Äėfailed to play‚Äô error messages.

My new favorite is Fen, and I also like the new one, Artemis. So far, no bad behavior from either.

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Thanks for the thoughts. I’ll try a fresh Kodi download and Artemis or Fen for an Add-on. Cheers.

What sound set up do you have, I mean equipment.

Install 19.4 it’s working fine with all my addons, stay clear of 20.0 it doesn’t work properly.

Hi Willie,
The sound equipment is fine… I can play You tube and the normal TV with it. It’s a Pioneer 5.1 channel system. Never had any issues with it, it seems this glitch has just happened with streaming movies in Serene. I am going to go the hog and do a Kodi rebuild.


Yes Kryten…Thanks for that tip. I am going to do a rebuild, that should solve all issues.

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