No sound on FireStick Lite

I’ve used this FireStick Lite for awhile now. However, the sound is intermittent; sometimes it works, other times it won’t. I’ve tried everything I know to try to make the sound consistent, but no luck. I’m using it in an RV, so could the WiFi strength cause this? Picture’s great, no buffering, fast switching, but no application or APK has sound.

A couple of things you can try. Completely unplug your stick from all power and remove it from your TV. Wait for a couple of minutes, then plug it all back in. Check for a n update and update as necessary. Also please be sure to plug the stick into a power outlet and not the TV. You can also try using another HDMI port on you’re TV. If one is labelled ARC try that. Let us know how you make out. Good luck.


Thanks Miki. I’ve tried everything you’ve mentioned except for checking for an update. I’ll give that a shot today.

Have you done a factory reset?

Haven’t tried that yet. Last resort for me due to everything I have on the Stick. But May have to do just that.


Before you do a reset, change out your cables and test other tvs cables and stuff… If its doing it across all different types of hdmi cables and different tvs ands such then i would reset the unit. if it still does it it may be defective.

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@Miki , @sktn77a , @TP-Dracoo ; just an fyi… I just did a factory reset and so far, that seems to have done the trick. I didn’t know I could do a restore from another of our devices, but it did! The restore brought over everything except Cinema HD (I know, I know, but I’m old…) and Tea TV. Thanks for all your help.


Congratulations. I’m curious when you say “restore”, what exactly do you mean, and how did you do it? Others may be able to use this knowledge.

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I believe amazon is turning off the sound on devices they deem to be watching to much tv and bypassing commercials. I will look further into this :crazy_face: :face_with_monocle: :grimacing:

Congratulations, glad its working sir.

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There was some more info to be shared, i opened it so that can be shared for anyone els having issues.

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Thank you Mr. @TP-Dracoo .
I asked TP-Dracoo to open this as after an additional conversation with @rvpapaw who gave me information that I was completely unaware of and found fascinating and usefull for those considering doing a factory reset on their firestick. The following is a quote:

“After I reset the stick to factory, I logged in with Amazon account info, selected connection, entered password. A message came up asking if I wanted to restore to one of my other Fire TV devices (I have 5). I clicked restore, next screen I selected my Fire Cube, which is at home in Las Vegas. Waited awhile, the stick came up with everything on my Cube at home except Cinema HD and Tea TV.”

Now what I found particularly amazing was that rvpapaw managed to install his setup from a cube onto the firestick. Way cool. So not only did he fix the sound issue but he has all the setup from his cube. Of course this is only the “Amazon” stuff and not anything “sideloaded”, but this seems to answer that age old question of whether you can “clone” a stick. Thankyou @rvpapaw for giving this a go, and adding to our knowledge base. This is what the insider is all about imho.
Have fun and STREAM ON.

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