No more Locast what next

Since Locast is no more, I was wondering if there are any apps where I can pick up local channels. I live in Chicago and we’ve been watching Channel 9. (WGN)

Have you tried Pluto to see if it’ll work for ya?

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Hello @busiabye this may help you - How to Stream Local Channels Without Cable in 2021 on Any Device



if your in chicago it does not have the nbc, abc, cbs ,or fox yet but there working on it
hope this helps you

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here you go they are opening up other markets as well, i had to us a vpn so it thought i was in the chicago area


You can if you like Kodi no special build just follow troys words and he can lead you to enough add-ons to get you threw until you can get another dedicated like lowcast… . Funny I’ve been getting notifications from them to sigh. Up… hmm O Troy ? What about that.? Notifications from lowcast threw Kodi and vanish… admin me to sigh up…?? Good lucc bruh…

Hello @criptoe I’m sorry but I don’t know what you are asking. Please be more descriptive.

Not sure whom I’m answering…
But I just got time the last 2 weeks to set up my man’s luxury room… lol including all my 4k that is loaded with everything from Troy point and the Doc. In the British isles… So first thing I did was install the new Kodi… then no particular build just the add-ons I want including a IPTV that troy suggest and it’s great… so I ended up with lowcast hitching a ride… but when I start up and a the updates come threw I have lowcast telling me that there up and running… I figure it’s just a glitch… but when I answered the gentleman yesterday… I was curious if it was up… so I asked troy… thx for enquiry. Robb

Hello @criptoe I personally don’t use Locast as I have an IPTV service. But, from what I understand, they are done. See this - Locast Service Suspended - Here are the Best Alternatives

I live in Chicago as well. I went and bought a 20 HDTV antenna and it works great. Plus my IPTV service has all the local channels.

You could possibly consider and indoor or outdoor antenna and pick up a Tablo tv tuner. If you don’t know about Tablo there are many YouTube videos on it.
I have in indoor antenna and the best that I can do is point it at about a 45° angle from the actual broadcast antennas, not straight on. I am able to pull in 100 channels no problem. I was going to put up an outdoor antenna but no reason to with my little square indoor antenna.
Also once the Tablo is setup correctly you can stream you channels from anywhere. I took a trip 500 miles away and brought my Nvidia Shield. I was watching my local channels like I was sitting in my living room.
It can be a little pricey for the full setup, but for me it was worth it.

I literally just got a message in my add-ons from them an hour ago. ! But I was just going to turn on my IPTV in Kodi…and see y’all soon…

i like vuit it works ok

Thanks for the tip but it does not have any major networks Nbc,Cbs,FOX ETC

it gets me the local news

Haystack news works great for selecting your geographical location and getting local news channels. As always if you are out of your home country and want your local channels use a vpn and choose a server closest to where you want channels from.

Since Locast shut down, I started using another app for only about $5 more. Can’t mention the name here cuz I will violate the rules. I receive tons of local channels, sports and movies.

You don’t have to mention the name but I’m sure you can drop some hints, a post like that is not helping anyone.

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I am in the same boat outside of Palm Beach County, FL. I loved LoCast, it was a excellent app for FREE, $5 I did NOT pay, (HATE paying for techy, apps stuff) b/c there was a little hack that I knew from using it. maybe I will make a TV app & give it to People, don’t really know how, but I am a coder for my own site. How hard could it really be? Lol. New at Fire TV, been using it for about 4 months, started in June, canceled Cable TV, have internet only. Please give hints! Lol!

Thank you,

The app just made my IPTV even Smarter.