No-log policiy audits for VPNs?

Have Surfshark, IPVanish, Nord etc undergone a similar audit?

Yes for all three you listed. Happy to see PIA take a step forward.


I did come across this if it’s any help to you. There were several other articles that came up as I Googled it. This is posted in the SS Blog from a 2021 Audit


PIA is a great vpn and i use it. It also has a key showing you are connected over your apps.

I use PIA on the Stick, with the VPN Dot. PIA is also on my Android tablet, where I rely on the PIA Key in place of the Dot to let me know the vpn is on. I have not found a way to display the Key on the Stick, however. Have you?

I haven’t used it on my firestick really. So im not to sure. But i could try. I dont use these apps on my stick so no need for the vpn.

But i can take a look.


I’m seriously considering picking this up as a back up now that they have unlimited connections. I’ve been doing a lot of VPN research as of late. The 2 and three year price is insanely cheap. @TP-Dracoo what are your likes and dislikes about it if you have any? Damn kill switch in Android TV OS is what has me on the fence as I’m trying to justify a backup plan

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