No Links to many tv shows

I am finding many " No link available" while watching several different tv shows. This is getting more common each week! Any ideas to help this?

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My suggestion would be to get a real debrid subscription. 6 bucks a month.

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I had a similar problem a little over a week ago. I noticed that I could watch movies in Kodi with The Crew add-on and real-debrid, but when I tried to watch any TV shows nothing worked. I messed around with my settings for a while and reauthorized by real-debrid account but nothing worked. Eventually I just uninstalled Kodi and reinstalled everything and it fixed the problem. Very weird.


Had to do that with venom.

I’m tired assumed it was a no stream issues like free links.

I think kodi errors out sometimes. The addons I mean. You could go into information and check if there is different versions and update as well.

I am having similar problems….i gave RD on
Cinema, Crew, Exodus Redux-their links are showing old programs or no links on Certain TV shows

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The best thing to do is re authorize real debrid.

Try different addons as well. Seren venom oath with rd.

You can put in different scrapper packages too. Orion for seren.

I’d also try syncler plus with rd express package with Orion and bouncy. And the one troy recommends

Thank you
I just renewed my RD today

I will try what you suggest

Thank you for responding. I will get it set up. Have a great day!

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