No internal storage USB icon showing

Please help with expanding internal storage with OTG cable and USB thumb drive. I have spent hours getting all my chosen apps to move to USB, I now check after a few days and finding all my hard work went for nothing. So do I need to check and repeat after all my work, or is there some way of getting my icons again?

I’m positive I’ve broken some rules of posting. So you could educate me to post the right way

@Revitup Hi no you didn’t break any ruls actually you posted a good question. TP provided excellent doc about this topic how to expand internal storage and also about OTG cable. :crossed_fingers:

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Which streaming device you are using?
Did you format the USB thumb drive as all internal, or some internal and some external storage.
some percentage 50-50%?

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As I wanted to say, when creating the extra internal space I am using a Amazon Fire Stick 4k. And the storage device is a USB thumb drive 62gb made by Sandisk. Is that enough about hardware?

If that isn’t clear enough please help me to give more details needed.

And this is not a problem with hardware or software.

Why would a working setup that follows Troy Point instructions, which was working flawlessly suddenly lose the icons for USB internal storage. I’m not clear if the added USB storage is even still there or is just missing the icon the USB. TIA

The first thing when you have an issue is to always do a restart.

I also found if you are using X-Plore you need to have “Allow X-Plore to access USB” turned off.
Every time I used X-Plore I would loose access to all the apks on my memory stick untill I restarted.
Turning this option off fixed it for me.

These are the two things I found when I lost access to the USB from my Firestick 4K.

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Try unplugging the power from the stick. Then, remove the usb drive fron otg cable. Plug the stick back in then after it reboots insert the usb back in.

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First of all thank you to whoever moved this to the Streaming Devices.

And so I’ve never used X-plore. I’m guessing it’s another file manager. Could I Install X-plore? Do you think that will help? Please keep an eye on this thread.

Thank you for replying. Ill do those steps you suggested.

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Thanks for the reply. Your reference to the TroyPoint fix is well heeded. I think it is fixed now.


@Revitup Glad to hear it’s been resolved. If you have any other questions pls. don’t hesitate to ask. You’re welcome.