No audio with RD streams with MX Player

Hi all:

Tried following some of the advice I got on this site and tried using the BeeTV app with an external player (as opposed to the Titan Player which is a real dog). Still getting lots of ads but it seems to be working with one exception - most of the Real Debrid links have video but no audio. On a handful of the other RD links, I have audio but no video. Anybody know what’s going on here?

If I’m not mistaken get the MX Player Pro from Troy’s RAI and install it. I think this has all the necessary codecs. VLC seems to also solve the no sound issue. Let us know how you make out please.

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Thanks Miki, MX Player Pro is the paid version?

Well, I putzed around with some custom codecs but it was a pain (don’t want to go through that with every firestick I own). Deleted MX Player and installed VLC Player and audio and video is playing fine now.


No. I just installed and tested it from the RAI. The MX Player Pro has the codecs you played with already installed but glad VLC worked. Many said it would. So click the checkmark under my post as the solution please, then Dracoo can close this thread. Happy New Year.