No apps showing up

I followed the jailbreak procedures, have a VPN running, and have apps from unknows sources on in developers options, yet after downloading apps through downloader, nothing shows up in home, I’m using a factory reset and updated 2nd gen firestick. Any help appreciated.

Check the Applications icon (folder) as that is where DOWNLOADER first places the app/apk

Hey @BigDave what file mngr are you using that has the Applications folder…is it ES?


Applications folder on Home Page. You found My Fire TV, Applications is another folder on that same page display. Don’t open My Fire TV, look at the other icons, you’ll see it.

You can also long press the home button on your remote

Copy BD…thought you were talking about a file mngr…I’m not even using a fire tv device :roll_eyes: thnx anyway for the reply my friend :cowboy_hat_face:

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