No access to serial number

Brought a second hand fire cube, its in a update reset loop, is there a way to get the serial number via a pc, or at least a easy way as all i have tried is very confusing because i cannot enable debugging on the device as it will not boot, tried bypassing the update and entering code and email but that fails too! Do i own a brick now lol !

Doubt if you can get a serial number off the PC. You might try and reach out to whomever you bought it from to see if they might have kept some paperwork. Although, it seems though that a serial number should be located on the device itself somewhere…look on the bottom of the device?

Other than that, here’s my 2nd solution…lol

Might try second option lol



Your identification markers should be displayed on the unit its self, serial numbers model numbers.

Id just leave the box powered off and unplugged for awhile and try again, a restart loops tells me corrupted files within the core of the os. (IE: sytem file or something)


try another hdmi cable

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I do have a warped sense of humor! :disguised_face:

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Thats all i have?

That’s odd as LY73PR is a firestick model.

Must be wrong one lol

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