No 4K or 1080 with Real Debrid

With 19.2 kodi with Diggz build even with real debrid I’m not getting 4K or 1080 links?


First thing to do is to make sure you subscription is up to date.

Second is when you use kodi make sure your filter settings are to include 1080p and 4k

Lastly sometimes shows/movies aren’t always offered in those resolutions. More so 4k than 1080p

I’d also try different provider packages and/or kodi add ons.

Agreed. You need to check both the Kodi system settings and the add-on settings to make sure the maximum resolution is set to 4K. If it’s a really popular movie you’re trying to pull up and you know there should be 4K sources then it doesn’t make sense that you’re getting real-debrid links of lower resolution but not the higher ones if your settings are correct.

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