Nividia Pro Inquiry

Firestick shot craps, was thinking about Nividia Pro, thoughts anyone?

Literally reviews everywhere you search.


Wait untill they get the updates right in android 11 . It’s bugy at the moment .


I made the switch 3 years ago,pro in living room,tube in bedroom,never regretted it.

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You can always buy one and NOT update it. With the shield you at least have the option of turning off automatic updates, unlike the Amazon devices.

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Do you think I can block the update if I purchase brand new nVidia pro, or do you think it would be like the Bezos BS and have to do the update prior to getting into the settings?

I imagine the shield pros have been sitting on store shelves longer than fire tv devices. They probably haven’t been updated from the factory. And I don’t recall it doing an update on first start, but it’s been a couple years since I set mine up. So don’t quote me.

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And I think 9.0.1 fixed most of the major issues. Shouldn’t be that much longer until 9.0.2 comes out.


The 9.0.2 is already out via the hotfix program. It still hasn’t address several issues with apps, and storage.

I am on my way to pick up a brand new nVidia Pro, still in an unopened box for $125 bucks! A friend of mine wife won’t give up her Concrap! So, as the saying goes, Happy wife, happy life! :rofl:

I figure it’s a win win. He gets most of his money back. I get a new toy for about half the cost,but I did say the drinks are on me at the Eagles club today. :grimacing:

On 2nd thought, this could end up costing me more in the long run? Maybe I should take with me a 6 pack when I go over to his house. Then maybe he won’t drink as much at the Eagles? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Bought 2 Shield Pros in December '20. They’ve been great. Updates are disabled until the bugs are exterminated. Both are connected via Ethernet. I hooked a 4TB USB drive to one of 'em and an 8TB to the other. The 8TB functions as our media server but I can use Kodi on every device in the house to play content from either drive. I can also easily access both drives via my PC to copy/delete and move files around. Running IPTV in TiviMate. Prior to attaching the drives to the Shields the 8TB was connected to my router. TiviMate recordings were hit or miss. With the drives attached to the Shields, recordings are much more reliable. Still use fire sticks on lesser used TVs in the house and for travel but the Shield is king.


So does the shield work pretty much as the firestick when it comes to sideloading the apps wasnt sure how it works, i had tivimate on my firestick, so i want it on the shield if i get one.

Got my brand spanking NEW nVidia shield pro and 5he seal isn’t even broken. The seal broken is me going the restroom! Lol?

Now I just have to discipline myself to not messing with it until tomorrow. Cause I know I will screw something up in the state I am in.

Btw, my buddy was generous and will split the bill, but I h
Was the one to cover the tip! Lol

Btw, he also had already bought a 256 mini SanDisk pro he threw in with deal! Woohoo!!!

Just hope I can turn off updates before I connect to the internet?


“So does the shield work pretty much as the firestick when it comes to sideloading the apps wasnt sure how it works, i had tivimate on my firestick, so i want it on the shield if i get one.”

It’s very much like the Fire Stick. You’ll use the same apps, install them pretty much in the same manner, etc.

Look up my post about the shield updates. I outlined the two steps you need to do to disable updates and turn off the notifications.

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And congratulations!

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Can i do that on the 1st boot?

Should be. I don’t think it forces updates. It’ll ask you if you want to update. But if it does search for updates on first boot there’s probably no way around it. I’d say just roll the dice. If it happens, it happens. More updates will be coming soon to fix the remaining issues.

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Ok good deal, thanks for the info!

I just now got home from the Moose Lodge. Should I mess with it tonight or wait till morning? :thinking:

I am chomping at the bits to get started! Lol

I finally won something :grin:

Update: Met someone who wants to buy my nvidia tube for $100. Was going to relegate that to the guest bdrm, but now i think i will dust off that old FS 4K and take the $100 bucks. This means i got a brand new shield pro for $25 bucks out of my pocket! WooHoo!!!:money_mouth_face:

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