NFL's own Streaming of games

Does anyone know if there will be any issues steaming NFL games through KODI this year with the NFL’s new streaming service?

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Probably, its free and has issues that come and go. Id stay away from kodis iptv and use a provider for sports.


The official NFL+ and +Premium are only going to be available on mobile devices, like phones and tablets. I don’t know about computers.
Furthermore, they aim to make casting their content to TV devices impossible.

That doesn’t mean that people won’t eventually come up with work arounds.

Basically the NFL is protecting their cash cows, which are linear TV providers.

If Kodi drops out then on my 4k Max I use free sports streams in my Silk Browser. Bit of a learning curve for bypassing popups but always worked for me.

Firstly, not much changes this season. Regular games will still be on local networks and Sunday Ticket with DirecTV. Sunday night games are still on NBC. Monday night games on ESPN. The change comes with Thursday night games on Amazon. People will still find a way to rebroadcast them I’m sure.

Next year Sunday Ticket will move to a streaming service. But to my knowledge nothing changes with games being shown on local channels. Most of the time the free streams you can find are rebroadcast from local channels. But if people can find a way this year to rebroadcast the Thursday night games, they will certainly be able to figure it out next year.

The bigger issue here is that you’re relying on free streams which get shut down frequently. If you want to reliably watch games then I’d suggest signing up for a cheap IPTV service.

I do the same thing as Miki, use silk. You now can get silk on the Onn. Thank Miki for that.

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Perfect. Thanks guys. I appreciate your responces.

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Hey Miki, the topic I wanted to reply to is Closed. Github Local Channels
I tried your m3u list and the channel i was after WORKS flawlessly.!
My old server m3u url which stopped and started then finally failed and your m3u server ip addrs are the same.
Only the #EXTINF are a little different.
Thanks again.