New Ocean Streamz Update not installing

After seeing the announcement that a new version, 2.1.1 was available. I tried to install it on my Max. When invoking Ocean, it goes to an update screen and I tried to update within the app, 4 times. Each time during installation I got a message the app was not installed.
I then went to downloader and tried using the Troypoint method however, I got the same error message.

Not that is should matter but my Max has the updates from Amazon blocked so I wanted to add that in. I wonder what’s going on. I have an older 4k that I can try this on as well but curious to see others experience with this update.

I would like to add that it did update on my 4K stick that is at V however I have tried approx 20 movies and no links showed up other two of them that had one each but they didn’t work. This might be another problem of the app.

The Tv shows I tried, one and only one actually worked so far and the others have no links. Hopefully others will post their findings as well.

** I would like to add that it would not allow me to run the last version as even clicking on any selection took me straight to the update screen again. I have seen there is another thread on Ocean now but it was not about not installing and forcing you to install. I will still test by uninstalling the new one and installing the old one hoping it won’t force an update.

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Hey Wizzard,

Did you make sure you deleted the old version of Ocean Streamz from your device first?

The new version installed perfectly for me and when paired with real-debrid was providing tons of high-quality links.

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Same for me, after testing seems to work just fine.

I will do that shortly as I had no time when testing it. No, I let it update itself as mentioned. I will wipe it out completely. I don’t use real-debrid.

I have deleted and reinstalled Ocean. It’s still a hit and miss. Yes, some stream where others don’t give links at all. This is why I am such an advocate of Stremio since it came out. It’s as close to flawless as an app can be. I use it 99% of the time but the odd time, it’s great to have a back up and other sources when it’s just not available on Stremio, like the Superbowl game.

Yes, I understand it’s torrent based and a huge reason it almost always works. Of course as with any of this, A VPN is absolutely mandatory.

Thank you both for your input. It’s appreciated.

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