New Nvidia Shield

Guess who this is. I bought myself a gift. A Nshield Pro. 2020 model. I think I got things set up correctly. But after awhile I noticed that the new remote control was not controlling my tv volume. It won’t go up or down. I have tried several different youtube videos but none of them seem to work. Do any of you guys or ladies have any idea what I can do.???


Is it a new remote? I just checked youtube and everything works for me.


Yes sir it came with the Nshield Pro I bought today. The voice method will take the volume up or down. But thats not helping me any.


the volume control isnt working on the remote, should be 2 buttons bottom right side? Look in settings, device prefs, remotes and acc , check setting here, as you can see much more here than normal boxes. make sure remote is paired under shield accessories and not under paired devices


paired devices is for extra remotes and mice etc

headed to sleep, If you cant figure it out it could be cec settings. @Powerfader is a sharp shooter with these remote thingys :sweat_smile:… lets wake him up

I was looking online again. I bypassed all the videos I had already seen. I saw one comment I had not seen. The guy said he had had the same issue I was having. He said he rebooted his Shield box and that solved his issue. I tried the same thing, and bingo. That was about 15 minutes ago, and it is still working. I don’t know if I need to make sure that the settings are correct in the display and sound area. But I think I will keep my little grubby fingers off of them.

I never could get the volume to work from my remote on my NS 19 .

You have to play around with the CEC and IR settings. If you are concerned, you might screw something up take a pic with your phone of the settings prior to messing with stuff. That way you can always put it back the way it was if you wish. You CAN’T brick your device messing with sound settings! So might as well try.

Also, some apps will react differently with a sound setting and will need to be adjusted. That happened to me using the Prime app…I think. Anyway, a message pop-up appeared on screen basically telling me what I had to do. Did so, and I was able to control sound again on all apps. Btw, when I did change the setting to accommodate that app and it did also work for all my other apps. One thing that was a noticeable change was the volume bar switched from the right side of my screen to the left side and also changed appearance. No big deal, but I thought I should mention that.

Also, if you use MX Pro as a player there are TWO volume settings. One is your normal volume button on your remote and the other is the UP directional button on your remote. It seems MX Pro has their own volume control setting built into their app.


I bought a shield remote(clone) to keep by the bed. I kept trying to pair it as device and it would but not stay, then I noticed shield accessories that also had a pair and it also paired and never un-paired since. The clone remote is slightly larger than the original but all functions are identical.


I’ve had my Shield pro for over 4 years. I gave up on the remote and bought a usb dongle remote on Amazon. Way more reliable. The Shield remotes are bluetooth and are notoriously loose connection. YMMV.

I’ve never had an issue with my Shield remote. I like it a lot. An underrated part of the Shield. It runs my surround sound receiver also, and does a great job.


Luv my nVidia remote and have never experienced any issues using it whatsoever. In fact, the box remote along with the nVidia TV Remote app makes the nVidia remote experience complete in every aspect.

One remote and app to control everything!

NVIDIA SHIELD TV - Apps on Google Play


I agree my shield remote is my fav, only missing an air mouse function. :grimacing:

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Love everything about the shield and remote. I have had the least amount of problems with it compared to other devices. They yon sale again on Amazon for 174. if anyone missed it last time. Was thinking on getting another for a spare but I still have my original 2017and my 2019 and they last but I am going to wait for the next version hopefully in 2023 the roomers say. They make great Christmas gifts :mx_claus::+1::sunglasses::v:

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Just put that on my phone as a backup system like you said and love it great recommendation :+1:


Yeah, I am hearing rumblings from other sites that a new nVidia is on the horizon. Although, I’ve not heard of what updating is being planned.

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Hi Guys has there been an update recently as in the last few days I am having issues like some series not playing audio unless I change the player settings in my app and then have to change it back again for other series. Any thoughts on this I did a factory reset but no difference.

No new upgrades at present.

Never used Shield Remote; find the Rii X8 backlit keyboard handy but takes a USB-A port non Bluetooth, PonyBro makes similar kbd, Not my favorite but Fossmon makes a Bluetooth kbd also. All are rechargable. Some have different color back lights for different host devices.

No name brands work usually but are klunky. None had issues with volume, skip, mute, chan +/- but most devices allow remapping if you desire such.

Stay on v9 of O/S and keep offline reload files just in case. If required to restore make sure forums don’t say a downgrade bricks box.