New movie called Atlas a Netflix production

Well @ Tom_hagen I thank you for the suggestion. I will have a look at it and add it to my list. You are quite correct, it’s slim pickings for movies with any substance. Again thank you and be well.

That’s one of her assets! LOL

So I didn’t know this was a movie review site. Maybe you should go review on Netflix’ site.

Not a movie review site. This is just one of the categories that the site has for members to interact, give their personal recommendations, and perhaps we find something we enjoy. What’s your point?


Can’t please everybody.

But yet you came in this thread and read it. Move along, nothing to see here.




I thought all of us use some type of tv or movie device ON THIS WEB SITE to wait for it wait for it to WATCH MOVIES …by the way members have in past asked for reply’s on movies that are on the various devices we have…just saying…

I tapped out when she was arguing with the AI about pie vs cake. While being chased by whatever….

Not my thing. I understand how others would like it, however.

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AGREE….by the way another movie called “light’’,is same entire movie shows astronaut face in space suit talking to command.I fast forwarded it maybe there was a few scenes with others in it but I did not see while fast forward by 5 &10nmin.