New Ipvanish app slow

So I downloaded the new ipvanish app and it looks great… Only problem is it makes my fire tv slower would really appreciate if you could put the download link for the last version on your app

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I think aptoide store is in the RAI.

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Both my IPV’s were updated when I came home yesterday. My 4k and Max. I did not purposely do this in fact I was happy to avoid it. So far it seems ok but now I must use Openvpn as the protocol as the others are slow. I hope they fix this. I think installing an old version is not going to work now as it seems to have forced this update while I was gone.

Do you have your firestick set to auto update apps? My apps always ask me to update manually

I actually do. It had been so long that I thought about appstore apps I never gave it a single thought. That being said, where were times recently even, when I got a notice that there were some prime updates and they were not installed. I don’t use the app.

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