New icons on home screen

These 2 icons appeared on my Firestick 4K Wolf Launcher screen today. Anyone know what they are. Nothing happens when I click on them.

Amazon updated their Apps and now none of the 3rd party launchers work. Sorry.

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Yes I realize this. Just wondering what these 2 new icons are. Thanks

The bird one isn’t new. It’s always been there but with my wolf launcher I have it hidden. The Amazon Metrics Utility Test you can do a search on the net for. There is a ton of info for Amazon Metrics but it’s over my head. Sorry I can’t be of more help.


You can go into your Android Settings and look through your apps list to find out which one it is. The icon just doesn’t work anymore and you can’t open it when using this launcher. You can also still use the sideload launcher app to see all the same icons, and this one should show correctly.

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Unfortunately on my Firestick it only appears briefly and then disappears, never to be seen again. Last time I looked for this “yellow bird” I found it using es file explorer.

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