New Firestick in Canada but it only allows Zipcode and I want to enter a Postal Code

Strange occurrence with the new Firestick I set up for someone. Under location, the only thing available on location is the ZIP code and I need to enter a proper postal code if possible. I have googled and searched this forum and no joy. Is there something I am missing? The account is registered in Canada. Thank you


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Sounds like you have a stick purchased in the States.

No, Amazon Canada, delivered by Prime. I wonder if they messed up their stock.

Sorta sounds like it. Here is a link with instructions. You will need a computer or phone to access your Amazon account.

Thank you, I actually read that. The stick is for my cousin and it was delivered to my place. The account is in Canada and although I have the details, when I sign in, it sends a text to him and he is not always available. I will forward the link to him, I suggested he join this forum and we can deal with it later. It’s possible that something is odd about the account as I cannot dl Gem that is Canada only even with the VPN set to Toronto. Thank you Miki

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Make sure the account is set to and not

Manually enter the account name

Thank you. It absolutely is a Canadian account. There is something else going on and we may or may not find out.

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