New code for Unlinked

Is there a new code other than (12341234). When I open that in the Rapid app it opens but stays black and white and will not let me download. I am trying to download Cinema HD.


There is other codes but 12341234 does work, after you enter the code you need to wait a couple of mins.


I got unlinked up but it is still in black and white. The icons are not turning to color. I am just having this issue on this fire stick. Should I factory reset it.

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Hey stew…

U can try it the downloader way, c if its diffrnt…


Hey @stew62 I wouldn’t resort to a reset quite yet. I just have a couple of ???s for ya so I know where you are in the process. Do you have the Unlinked app icon sitting with all your other apps?..or are you still trying to download it from the RAI?

I got unlinked up but it is still in black and white. The icons are not turning to color. ???

And…Sketch has another easy option also.

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Thank you appreciate your help


Any solution to this issue? I am experiencing the same issue when using code 12341234.

I just used code EB2E4A4C and was able to download Cinema. Apps were not greyed out like when using code 12341234.


Need to wait for it to fully load, I use unlinked and was on it today. It’s working.

But I’m glad that other code working too.

I used downloader (

A notice quickly flashed stating that the 12341234 code was unavailable. :man_shrugging:


Im on it now, takes 2 to 10 seconds sometimes to load. Everything seems to be fine. Put in the code and just wait.

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@azhawk Thanks for the alternate code, worked great. I am also having a problem with the store code 12341234. The icons that are grayed out will not let you download.

Same with me, but the alternate code doesn’t have the app I want to download

I don’t know why you are saying it’d grayed out. But at least the alternative code is working for you.

12341234 is working

@TP-Dracoo This is what everybody is talking about. Most icons are just white and gray. The only ones that will let you download are the ones in color. I reinstalled unlinked, reinstalled.

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That would indicate to me that they are doing a mass update to the latest releases or mods. Give them a couple of days and all should be g2g again.


I have to agree with @Miki. I’ve had this same issue since yesterday of some grayed out apps that won’t download but in the past I’ve come across the same problem and the issue was fixed in a day or two.