New BuzzTV Devices Coming in 13 Days!

I’m excited to see the release of two new BuzzTV devices, coming May 19th!

I reviewed their XRS4900 last year and was extremely impressed by it.

If you’re in the market for a new streaming device and you’re an IPTV user, I would suggest holding off on buying anything until we see what these have to offer.

Here are two articles that I wrote which covers what I know so far about each device.


oh no, can you share a link to the Troypoint loan application :joy: :face_with_thermometer:

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Ohhh wow, thats fantastic. I agree with @TXRon can we open up a loan with you? Lol.

You are making it hard for me to save… lol

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@TP-Dracoo @TXRon Yeah, the funny thing about it is that many of these devices do the same thing but it’s fun testing them out. I’m getting more and more excited about these premium generic Android Boxes that actually issue updates and provide support. Need to start getting away from the big companies putting restrictions on these things. Have a great weekend guys!


Specs of my KM6 Deluxe look the same as the Buzz…the above quote is the big difference…

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Agreed, as these new toys come out i know in my head they do the same crap, but its fun to test and tinker with them as they come out. These generic boxes are starting to become pretty good and pleasantly great. But my wallet… my wallet is angry. Its like my gaming rig, i rebuilt it, 6 months later im doing it again. Similar to car enthusiasts. Lol

Have a good weekend.

Also, you have to hide @TXRon from these topics for a bit. Ahah


That km6 gets mostly great reviews, I came close to getting one :nerd_face:, My 2 km2’s are great streamers I just wish they had upped the ram and eth from 100 to 1000.

Copy…I read somewhere about “diminishing returns” for more that 4 gigs of RAM…now, I have no idea of the validity of that statement/theory/accusation…but 4 gigs seems way plenty for my needs (with an android streaming box, not laptops/pcs)…the gig ethernet port was a must. What Troy said about the “premium generic android boxes” makes me think that the o/s tweaking of the basic android systems is getting better (by some companies) for the streaming tv environments…whereas the cheaper ones are not, so much…if that makes sense.


I think a 4/32 box is ideal for the streamer

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Specs on the X5 look good. After 5 years with my T95Z Plus might be time to look into one of these. Anyone know approximate price point?

Even their stick for $79.99 has amazing specs for something so small
BuzzTV Vidstick ST4000 Android Stick 4K Ultra HD Android 9.0 InternetTV 2GB RAM 16GB HDMI

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Their 4900 with similiar specs goes for $199

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we will see if they want to compete with the sub $100 market or not. Ive tried the buzz stick and it was ok, but I sent it back.

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i purchased the Buzztv XRS4500 two weeks ago on sale and i must say…this box is AMAZING!.. 4 gigs of DDR4 ram with 64 gigs of storage and Gigabit LAN…this box is lightning quick! the OS lets you decide between four different launchers and the media player is super efficient… BOTH my IPTV services run FLAWLESSLY on this box… buffering and lag is virtually non existent using Proton VPN with my Gigabit plan from Comcast…i ended up paying $119 shipped…well worth the money IMHO.

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That’s a good price for a device with so much storage and RAM. If that’s not enough, from what I read, you could add an external SSD 1 TB drive. I’m looking forward to @TROYPOINT s upcoming evaluation of the XR5 I think it is.


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Yes, you make it hard to keep the device inventory low!! We need a good 4 gb,32gb quad or hex stick or box for $ 50! pipe dream? keep the awesome reviews coming !