Netflix’s Cheaper Membership Is Coming Soon, Courtesy of Microsoft


(For what it’s worth, we recently learned that Microsoft has an exclusive tracking deal with DuckDuckGo. The company’s interest in privacy is questionable.)

Netflix’s Cheaper Membership Is Coming Soon, Courtesy of Microsoft – Review Geek


Netflix has supplied a lot of really good series to date. If an ad supported model helps continue this, I’m happy.

Lol, not at all. They are over inflating their price every year… expect you to pay more and more taking things away then bring it back later as it never happened.

They are losing people like flys and think ad support will gain more people at a lower cost saying pay more for no ads… its a Spotify play book. Just big tech controlling you and how you spend. This is a horrible idea.

Lowet costs without ads.
Stop taking things away and re adding them later.


That’s 3 companies that don’t go near . From what I’ve read at several locations online people are abandoning Netflix due to questionable content being aired . I don’t know how much they charge but like other online streaming companies they are probably doing a lot of " original content " . That’s definitely something that would raise costs. A cheaper subscription option is definitely a good move and it wouldn’t hurt them .
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Netflix has & does fund a lot of original content, some of which starts on live streaming or released in theaters before offered on Netflix…including stuff that many on this board are accessing via Kodi or Stremio or TeaTV, etc.
So we are depending on Netflix, HBO, Star, Hulu and others to continue to be funded & to be able to attract & retain actual paying customers. A large part of pleasing those paying customers is supplying compelling original content. Otherwise our viewing options can evolve into what OTA networks do: crappy gameshows,“reality” shows & talent contests dominating prime time.


Yeah it makes sense to create another membership option. Maybe the lower prices one can stream everything but original content . I had Netflix when it first came out and used their DVD service to watch movies . Other than that I didn’t really have any interest in their service so I had cancelled it. Most of what I watch is documentaries or paranormal biography shows , typically aired on the Travel Channel .
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Absolutely disagree with you, i will never support big tech stealing money from people or their narrative. If you pay for all this streaming content you pay more for cable in the long run. Its a giant money sink and i wish people would stop and look out before just blindly opening their wallets. But all good. Just a disagreement.


What’s going on with Netflix is the same thing that is happening to the dish and cable companies . They are slowly pricing themselves out of business . You can only jack the prices up so for before their customers start saying BY BY .


So everyone cut cable… now the same thing is happening with streaming services… so people switch to “other” means so the big guys spend millions to shut down and sue them forcing you to stay with them now they purpose this bs low price option with ads to gain revenue while saying they are helping you when its just going back to over priced cable with ads all over again.

The worst part of this is now Microsoft is involved with netflix which means trouble noving foward. That is not good.