Netflix Kodi plugin on BuzzTV X5 128

Hi all, this is my first post here.

I tried installing the CastagnaIT Netflix plugin on my new(ish) X5 128 today but it crashes and always asks for my authentication key then pwd. I had to use the auto key as use/pwd wouldn’t work. If I try to open an episode it fails and often Kodi just quits.

I tried installing the same plugin on my macOS Kodi and it works flawlessly so I was wondering if anyone else here has any experience with using/troubleshooting it on the X5.

Thanks in advance

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Welcome! The X5 is not Netflix friendly at all. I couldn’t get any app to work. I gave up and it sits waiting for me to fire it up when family goes to bed. I don’t watch Netflix to begin with so to me it’s a moot point

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From Troy’s BuzzTV X5 review:

This Android TV Box is not meant for those who use Netflix. Netflix is not certified on the X5.


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