Netflix Increasing Prices Again for 2022 - See How Much

Originally published at: Netflix Increasing Prices Again for 2022 - See How Much

Netflix is increasing prices again on all plans in the United States and Canada for 2022. Netflix is without question the most popular streaming app in the world used by millions of cord-cutters. This news of price hikes comes from the official Netflix website where you will find the noted price increases for all of…


They are playing with fire if they keep this up, this up there with let’s increase prices because of inflation but nobody’s wage can afford it causing a collapse.

I got rid of Netflix because of this, but in Canada our pos pm has put on a tax on this stuff, I’m not sure if it’s the same in USA but for this reason I’m done with Netflix and will get it the free way. :slight_smile:

But I digress, people love Netflix and I do as well. I do appreciate you letting us know. Nows the time to look into real debrid and all the alternatives troy team offers.


Just means my thanx for Troy goes Up… again

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