Netflix app updates

Anything new released for the Nteflix app for Android boxes? Or are we just stuck with 720p with the one that works?

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Are you speaking of a Non Certified Android Box?

Here is a list of Netflix certified Android devices. Netflix & Prime Video Certified Android TV Streaming Players - Android TV Guide

I think there are around 78 devices Netflix and Prime certified in the list.

That’s a great link @Miki

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I’m using a very old version of Netflix that the resolution is 720p on a z8 Formuler . And it doesn’t even scroll down . Wanted to see if there was a newer version that works with my device.

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As far as I know you need a netfix certified device in order to get better than 720p.


I believe Netflix stopped supporting the app for Android so that’s why some peeps are using an old app that actually still works on the device, like me. Thought maybe there was a workaround for a newer app that works with a better resolution. Just checking, I can deal with 720 as my tv is 1080 so not much of a difference really.
But thanks for the help.

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