Need wifi in my shop

Thoughts trying to get wifi in my detached shop so i can game and watch fire stick

distance? you can get an antennal but all depends on how far

sup 58…
Just sum ideas

Maybe the powerline system…

Or Ayrmesh system?

I hv no clue about eithr, just remember them (somehow)


Troypoint does not have a direct link for purchasing those with discountâť“

I agree with @Sketch . A WiFi mesh system with several nodes, will give you great coverage with top speeds, over a wider area. I installed 4 Firesticks throughout a multi level Casa and everywhere the speed never dropped. They had 10 nodes and even ones out by the pools as these were weatherproof. No idea exactly how they work but damn what a great coverage they provided. Somehow it has a control panel and the nodes are configured to provide additional strength to the exact nodes being used. Just goes to show, there’s always more to learn in this hobby.

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Thanks for your input! I’ve been trying to find something for my property. I have an acre, and I wanted to put remote cameras in my outbuildings and animal pens, but wasn’t able to come up with a good solution.

This might just do the trick!

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Well here is an link “Outside TP Manuals” provid all informations about e.g: CCTV Cameras, Security Cameras, Software, and everything needed to install and use with excellent explanation just click on the pulldown menu.:+1:
CCTV Cameras

Oh it will. The mesh system I saw totally blew me away. A 4 level casa on the side of a mountain on the ocean and at the starting point speeds of 280+ and even 4 levels down to the beach as well as the pools outside speeds were still 250+ . This blew wifi extenders away. One control panel for complete configuration of all 10 nodes.

Omnitik (Mikrotik) makes a wireless products that will send a WiFi signal 12 miles line of sight. Requires a bit of knowledge to set it up, works flawlessly

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