Mytvonline2 vs tivimate

I noticed the current guide of top players is tivimate.

But for Mac ID related apps I find mytvonline2 is fantastic. I have a current formuler box z8 pro and I have tv smaters on it along with tivimate, and I really see why you rated it number one.

But I have to say mytvonline2 is pretty good in its self. I feel like that should be on the list too.

What do you guys think?

Hello @TP-Dracoo the reason we didn’t add that to the list is because you can’t install that app on other devices. It is only available on the Formuler. People have tried side-loading it but from what I’ve seen, it won’t work unless it is a Formuler device. BTW, working on the new Formuler Z10 Max Review as I write this.


My apologies, I didn’t realize it seemed to be locked to formuler boxes.

My bad. I shall read your z10 box review.

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