My Firestick works great at the hotel but not at home.. Help please

Hey All,

I have a Firestick 4K that works great at the hotel with Kodi Matrix 19.4, IPVanish, Real Debrid, and The Oath. Funny thing is that it works great at the hotel on their WiFi, but not when I get home with awesome internet, it shows 563 sources, but “no stream available”… Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Thanks…

@B727DRVR Hi

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If you’re trying to use The Oath add-on mostly you will get no streams. The Oath add-on is closed a week ago. Sometimes you may still receiving some streaming but no update will be available anymore.

This includes Venom, and Fen add-ons will not be updated anymore, your can also choose another add-ons.

TP created a list of the best Kodi add-ons. You can choose other add-ons alternative.


Thanks Matrix!!

I screwed up and meant to say The Crew, not The Oath… I am back on the road and my Firestick works great again. Still, just like home, with 0 Free, but 500+ Real Debrid sources showing up, only at the hotel, the sources actually play instead of No Stream. I wonder if Spectrum could be blocking me, but I have IPVanish enabled…. Crazy, huh?

Thanks again for your help…


I think this is RD issu because if the hotel within your network it shouldn’t be a problem.
But it could be because your are outside certain network.

Did you authorize RD from the hotel?

If yes try to reauthorize RD from home, and reconnect VPN, if you see more RD sources than you know what the cause was.

But if the problem persists, try to clean the cache from The Crew add-on restart Kodi, if this doesn’t solve the problem we have to look for other solutions.

You can also reauthorize RD from ResolveURL, this dependency solved many RD issues.
If you authorized RD from this dependency this will also authorize authomaticaly to many add-ons, to do that go to:

Add-ons “make sure you’re in Expert mode” >
To the right Manage dependencies>
Navigate to ResolveURL>
Install the dependency>
ResolveURL to the right Enable Universal Resolver should be on>
Universal Resolver 2 from there first Reset my Authorization than then (Re)Authorize My Account.
After reauthorization click ok and restart Kodi, sometimes you have to restart kodi few times until this takes affect.