My apologies and thanks

Just want to say I am sorry for disappearing while I was trying to get some help with setting up a usb drive to increase the storage space on my Onn tv box. I kept trying until I was losing sleep. I followed all the instructions I was given from every body to a tea, but nothing worked. I just said the heck with it and gave up. It was driving me crazy. I appreciate all the help you guys tried to give me.

@JesseB Hi

Well don’t worry this sort things happen it normal but as you know never give up on something when you trying.
Just take a distance from it for a while and try again later you will never know maybe you will be able to solve it :+1:

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All is well, thank you for being a insider.


Well, I tried again last night for a hour or so. My results was the same. I always get to private mounted null and emulated mounted null. Then Troy’s video says private:8,2 unmountable. Troy says I need to see the private:8,2 unmountable. But I never do. Instead of getting the 8,2 I still get the 8,0. I always go back to make sure the partition disk public,and the partition disk private are typed in correctly. The problem with that is if there is a error, I can’t go back to them and correct the mistake. Closing the app does not help. I have had to uninstall the adb app several times and start over again. I can’t just click on the line that has the error and correct it. Thats a pain.

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Hi, can you pls remove this post and placed in the original topic you created earlier. Thanks

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Its fine hes ofher topic related to the onn was solved… or he said its working.

Its surprising to see you are having issues @JesseB with this box. You still cant get it?



Ok thanks Dracoo
@JesseB ok too Jesse

How do I remove the post.?


Dont worry, your other realted post was closed do to a solution.

Apparently still having issues, im not sure why you are.

I’ll be hooking up an identical ONN box via Troy’s adoptable storage tutorial…I’ll see if I can figure out where his hiccup is…& pray I don’t have one myself :grimacing:


Hi Jesse it’s ok don’t worry about it as
@TP-Dracoo mentioned

In the last post I created, I wrote down the steps that were giving me the issue just as they looked when I typed them in, except that after I got to emulated mounted null, the private :8,2 unmountable that Troy got in place of his 8,0 did not change for me. I still got 8,0. so I could go no further.

Copy your 8,0 not changing @JesseB I’ll be looking for that when I get there in the process…my cables & flash drive should be in midweek. :cowboy_hat_face:

I would suggest reformatting the thumb drive with Rufus and starting all over again.

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FAT 32…should be a option with RUFUS

Who is RUFUS ? I never heard of him.

This is from TPoints video. Not starting at the top but this is the correct order. After you get to -sm partition disk:8,0 public after that you get to -sm partition disk private. After that you type in sm list- volumes. That should come up as private mounted null and emulated mounted null. That’s when you should get private:8,2 unmountable. But mine does not change to 8,2 Troy says that if you don’t get that 8,2 unmountable, then go back to the disk:8,0 public and the disk:8,0 private and make sure that they are typed in correctly. If not, go back and correct them. But to do that, I had to uninstall the ADB app and install it again and start all over again. You can’t just back up to the items you want to correct and fix things. That is no fun.

Hey @JesseB My stuff came in & I just set up adoptable storage on my ONN. Everything I did worked exactly like Troy’s tutorial did…except it did not reboot on its own…I waited & waited & then just unplugged my box & continued the process…so, I got it to work. I really didn’t see any reason why you wouldn’t get the different 8, numbers…actually, mine was the same as Troy’s…8,0 & 8,2. And…that’s the first time I used the ADB app & never needed to back up so I’m not sure how that’s done…maybe someone that’s done it before will chime in. I wish I could say something stood out as to why your numbers didn’t change…but nothing did…what Troy showed I totally mimicked…except for the box rebooting on its own. All I can say is…try it again but dbl & triple check when you come to the number switching part. Maybe Troy will see this & give some guidance…I don’t know…but good luck on your next attempt. :crossed_fingers: :cowboy_hat_face:

BTW…Those keypads have a mind of their own sometimes & they like to take dashes out & such…so definitely proof what you typed before you hit enter. Also…this is RUFUS/format tutorial…watch this & download RUFUS app if you’re using more than a 32G USB drive…so you can format in FAT32 on your computer…very important. That may be your problem…but not sure.

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It is a program running under Window 10 to format USB devices up to over 256GB or more with FATS32 format.

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