MX Player Codecs

I have followed the Troypoint instructions on how to get the additional codecs for MX player but am having a problem. When I type in then click on download, I get a message that the download has failed. I have tried this a number of times but I get the same message. I am using a 2nd gen FireTV. I used to be able to download using the older ES Explorer but cannot with the modded one on the Troypoint site. Any ideas why this doesn’t work? Thanks.

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I had a similar problem and tried to use the Troypoint approach…it never worked…I then did a google search and found a youtube video that walked you thru the steps…little complex but the guy did a great job…sorry can’t remember the youtube video but if you google search the problem you will find it

Thanks. I’ll try looking for the video.

I just found it…the guy did a good job explaining in details; it worked great and have never had a problem since

Great! Thanks again!