MX Player and Cinema HD not playing non-premium streams

I downloaded MX Player from TroyPoint site, and set it up to work with Cinema HD. With this setup, only premium links (such as paid-for debrid streams) will play. The non-premium streams have the error message, can not play this link/file. I tried many combinations of the decoder settings in MX Player, but that did not resolved the problem. Thank you.


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So to clarify you are having trouble with the free links?

It you have paid service of real debrid and they are working for the shows you want to watch then don’t worry about the free links.

Free links will come and go and fail alot. Stick with perimum.

That’s correct. However some shows only show up with free links, so I want to find out why MX player won’t play them. Thanks.

Di You have MX Player set up as HW+?

Can HW+ be setup to be permanent or do you have get it each time you watch something?

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I would use a different streaming service with real debrid.

Make sure hw+ is always on.

But cinemahd has issues. I would recommend:

Kodi+ crew + seren + real debrid
Syncler plus with realdebrid
Streamio with realdebrid

That would be your absolute best setup. No issues on content.

MX Player > Settings > Decoder

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