MX Player 1.11.6 troubles

Updated MX player with TP app and could get no audio so figured something went sideways installing over mx player. Tried resetting fire 4k stick no luck. So uninstalled mx player and restarted fire stick and installed mx player using TP app still no audio. Uninstalled MX and went to using downloader still same problem. Anyone have any ideas? Is there a problem with * MX Player 1.11.6 Thanks!

Try another player like VLC media player and you will have your answer. I had trouble before with MX player on a firestick. I just don’t use it anymore.

My other players including in app and VLC and others work fine. I just have never had problems with MX player before this

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Go to Troypoints latest videos in his Rapid App Installer. Scroll down to the video that says MX Player with Codecs.
This video will explain everything.