Mx media player

hi all, when Trying to watch a link from eternal or sportz
through mx player the little viewing box on the right hand side shows up, however when I try To go to full screen it’s telling me to install media player, so I click the link it goes to mx player which I know I have already installed, and when I try to download it says unavailable, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled but still nothing. Has anyone any ideas. Thanks, a very confused Jimmy.

This also happened to me. I had Mx player from google play store installed. I installed mxplayer pro without uninstalling Mx player. Once I uninstalled Mx player it was fine

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Thanks blackden60, i dont know why but mx player had been removed from my eternal and sportz settings,only had vlc on,but still having trouble with tivimate, cant seem to find a way to add mx player on that . Any ideas come to mind on how to add mx player to that…Thanks again, Jimmy.

plus also when it says to install mx player from the link it says its unavailable.Tried Troypoints rapid app installer but to no avail.