Moving app from USB to internal Firestick storage using ADB commands

Followed the excellent video to use a USB flash drive to dramatically increase my storage. However, with Tivimate’s latest update to 2.8.5, which doesn’t support external storage anymore, I needed to move it back to internal. Would’ve liked to have been able to use ADB commands to do it.

Not being familiar with the command syntax, I decided to uninstall the app (and the Troypoint app since I moved that to the USB flash drive also). Prior to uninstalling I backed up Tivimate to internal storage, uninstalled the apps, powered off the Firestick, removed the USB flash drive, restarted the stick, installed the Troypoint App and subsequent Tivimate, reactivated my account, restored my data, then updated to the latest version. All is good again.

I’m inclined to think that the ADB commands would have been far easier. So… looking for a list of commands that relate to the Remote ADB Shell app as it pertains to the Firestick.

FYI, I recently installed a TIVO Stream 4K and I also use Tivimate where it does allow you to use your external drive, which solved the problem I was having with recording with the Fire products. And BTW, I find this device much better than the Firesticks and my Fire Cube I have. I now have extremely quick reponse and plenty of storage space.


Question: I have 700mb of available space on my Firestick of the 5gb total. Does that available space effect the quality of my streaming or only limit the number of apps I can download to the firestick?