Movie search help

i’m looking for msnbc, hbo max, and movies in general?

is there a search to look for them?

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Not to be rude here, but there is alot of guides on how to get stuff, how to cut the cord and all that. I think you need to go through the main site.

i see the guides and follow troy’s advice. i’m just looking for msnbc and hbomax
thank you

What device are you using? Do you have any apps for live TV? Have you tried anything as @TP-Dracoo suggested?

Kodi Crewe and LiveNetTV have MSNBC. Don’t know about hbomax


Any movies or tv shows can be found with the obvious setup troy team has outlined. Channels will need an iptv service of some sort. Kodi has options.

Look up online whats on hbo max and serach it with on of the apps.

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@questions You have to go into an add-on and search or browse for shows/movies. For example you can’t just put HBO Max. There are a lot of ways depending on the add-on menu to browse (name,year,genre, and more). You might look into getting an iptv for specific sites like hbo max, showtime, etc. although the content can be found on add-ons. Kodi is a learning experience and can be confusing, at least for me,

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