Move Apps to USB Clean-up?

Added the USB thumb drive to my new Firestick 4k Max and successfully used X-Plore File Manager to move apps over to the USB drive.

Is there any clean-up I need to do –

Should I delete the apps in the “App manager/Installed” directory after I’ve installed them on the USB drive or leave them?

How about the files I pasted from the clipboard into “Internal shared storage/Download”? Should I delete them after installing them or leave them be?


Can you explain how you moved them to the usb drive using X-Plore?
How do you have the usb drive formated, internal or external storage?
I’m asking because I am having issues accessing and moving
apps on my usb.
Firestick 4K

I followed Troy’s directions in this video:



Download this app. “Clean Master”.

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