Mouse Toggle (both versions) will not install

Using rapid installer I can download the mouse toggle app (either versions) but both say PARSING ERROR when trying to install. (firetv cube gen2)

Is it me ?

No, I get the same error. (using the Firestick 4K)

So a few years back I attempted to install and use Mouse Toggle on my (then) FireTV 2nd gen. I tried both Troypoint versions and neither worked. In fact one of the versions crashed FTV.
I contacted the devs of the app and they quickly responded. They said that alternative “workarounds” are usually unsuccessful. The solution was to install the app on my phone, then sync it up with the app on my FTV. If I recall the process was similar to syncing Trackt or RealDebrid. After doing so it worked flawlessly. I have yet to try on my Nvidia, but will do so in the next few days.
My suggestion would be to go on the Mouse Toggle official site, and follow their instructions.
Hope this helps.