More than 1 Usb sticks

I have a usb hub that works great with 60 gig fire stick. I am wording if i can add a second stick and use it as external storage? Is that possible?

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It is possible, but the Firestick will simply ignore one of the drives. It will only access and read one at a time.

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Thanks didn’t think so

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To use multiple storage devices they would need to be in a raid array and Im not sure if firesticks would even support that format. I do record to a raid from my stock android and works fine.

The Firestick is so under powered I’m not sure it could ever, or ever did, support RAID. Maybe the 3rd gen cube, I read where it supports ntfs and large TB storage if you’re into that. With the Cube I doubt I’ll need to add anything more than a dongle for my mini keyboard.

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