Missing icons Aptoide TV

Hello All! As usual, I need some help. I have a MeCool KM2 plus running Android 11 and I’m having an issue installing Aptoide TV. I installed from the Troypoint rapid app installer (3 times), and followed the Troypoint instructions to make sure I didn’t miss anything, and what I keep getting are blank boxes instead of icons for the APK’s when I launch the app. I get blank boxes with the name of the app but no graphic, and when I click on an APK to download, I get the same thing, it will take me to the download, but no graphic, as though the Aptoide download is missing something. I went through every setting in the MeCool menu, and it looks like everything is set correctly. I’m at a loss. I would appreciate any and all ideas. Thanks.

Hey @JoeR Just try grabbing Aptoide from another source…Downloader (APKPure)…Unlinked store/code 67664537…or a browser etc. :cowboy_hat_face:

Must be AndroidTV is slow. AmazonTV finally released an update that addressed this issue just a few days ago.

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