J just received and trying to hook up the MECOOL+2 I can’t get past the first Step on the remote control which is to hold a home and left arrow button do you think it could be broken or is there something I’m missing

Never mind I’ve decided the remote doesn’t work the little LED doesn’t flash it all doesn’t come on at all looks like I just received a bad remote

did you put batteries in it?

Yes three times to no avail sent MECOOL a email but have not heard back yet

volume minus and select button need to be held for pairing.

Thanks but that didn’t work either

Like Miki, volume- and the select centre ok button, keep it about 20cm from your box light will flash rapidly then either slow down or stop.
Make sure you have the settings up on the mecool box, then add device or remote sorry cant remember which one, then it should show up to pair it. Then just press select. Then it should be bluetooth paired.
Let us know how get on.

Let us

They will take forever to get back to you, I am still having issues with my remote from one I bought about 3 months ago. I have one I bought about 3 years ago and it is much better quality. I cant sign into anything because every time it hit the ok button on the screen keyboard it brings up the submenu, so I can every type anything in lower case letters, so can’t put passwords in. The box is pretty much useless. I even tried to pair my other remote to it but would not find it, yet the new remote will work on both. Customer service was of no help, didn’t even offer to replace it or anything.

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