Mecool MK7 USB drive eject safely all at once

Problems with the USB drive, eject safely all at once. I reset the box twice and all at once the USB is not connected. The performance is about the same as the Onn. My plan is 250/10, maybe with 1GB speed the performance would be better.

Never have tried a km7 but you might try making sure developer options is on, usb debugging is on and usb is set to charging. If after reboot it still not connected try setting usb to mtp and reboot. Usually one of them 2 will get it running…

All settings are set and rebooted a couple of times. Looks like a problem with the box. I’d be downloading \another App and up pops eject USB drive. safely.

are you setting it as internal or external?

Setting to external.

if possible try removing the drive and use a computer to format it as ntfs and retry with setting to mtp

I’ve reformatted the USB and moved App to internal memory. I also did factory reset. I’ve tried everything possible.

another option to look for ive seen on many mecool boxes is the otg function. Its often found in developer options at the very bottom but could be anywhere.

I’ve tried that also, when the box doesn’t work the way it should, factory reset and send it back.

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