Mecool m8s pro l taking ages to load

Hi, I,ve recently returned home after months away to find my mecool m8s pro l simply takes forever to even bring up even a menu in kodi, and also on any apk.
I’ve done a factory reset, reloaded kodi 19 and Cinema, but it can still take ages, ( like half an hour,) to get to the point where I can choose content, If at all. Sometimes it just gets no further.
I’m wondering if the RAM may have failed. Any Thoughts or suggestions please
Thanks, Steve

Hi @skmabrown
Sounds like after going through all of that, the issue is Cinema. Truth is many on this forum have had similar compliants.
Try uninstalling it and install add-ons such as Seren, The Crew, Venom, and use real-debrid to get solid playable links.

Thanks for the advice, limited success only.
I am using Kodi 19,Xenon build, Seren, Fen , Venom etc. all through Real Debrid. all do the same. After uninstalling Cinema I certainly get to the menus in a more normal time, but from there once I select a category it just shows “working” contnually and takes forever to progress to the titles to select.
I have another android box at the other end of the house, and it’s working fine.
Anything else you think I could try before I throw this thing?
Thanks again, Steve

I completely understand your frustration, and am sorry you are having to experience it.
My advice would be, uninstall Xenon Diggz build completely. It takes up a lot of space and easily bogs down. (Frankly, I’m not completely sure that the entire build is compatible with Kodi yet anyway). Then just install only add-ons such as what Xenon Diggz had installed, e.g. Seren, Venom, The Crew. The add-ons just by themselves are quite small compared to the build, so they function more efficiently, especially when you use them with real-debrid.

Thanks again, will try it rather than throw this mecool . Cheers


Try to make sure your app data is clear. Kodi with all its builds can be slower.

I would try to make sure all your apps are closed. Uninstall unneeded apps. Run sdmaid and clean up the device, restart and try again.

I think your ram is being used up. Make sure background processes are clear.

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