Mecool KM6 keyboard problem

This happened awhile ago, and after it annoyed me enough, I threw it in a drawer and used a firestick 4k Max; but I should fix it. All of a sudden, the keyboard went weird…like just just white with characters that I can’t use. For instance, I cannot enter my password for my network. I tried loading an image here, but it keeps giving me an error. Can anyone help? I’d rather not have to reset the whole thing…or throw it against a wall. I read somewhere it may be a launcher x issue; but there wasn’t any other info. Any help much appreciated.

I’m confused…are you talking about an on screen keyboard or an actual wifi keyboard connected to your KM6 you’re using instead of the remote? I have a KM6 Deluxe model…

Onscreen. I tried to post a pic, but kept getting an error message. Oh! Worked this time! This is what now comes up instead of the regular onscreen keyboard; and I cannot select any characters, as there is no cursor.

I do everything thru my remote on my KM6 so I’m afraid I don’t have any advice for you…can you bypass the keyboard entry & use the remote?

Bypass? Bypass what? I use the remote to use the keyboard.

I misunderstood your problem…I would suggest MeCool support but I’ve not heard good things about their problem solving abilities…so good luck.

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