MeCool KM6 Deluxe FAILED--PS&Remote free if anyone wants

So I got a MeCool KM6 Deluxe a ways back. Now all it does is load the “TV Box” logo, and trying the recovery menu options does nothing.
I can only assume it’s kaput. Not a big deal–except it was snappy and worked noticeably better than the KM2…Anyway, I’m about to toss it in the recycle can unless someone here wants it for some reason-like the power supply or the remote.
If so, let me know, and it’s yours for postage. Otherwise, in a week it’s in the bin.

Assuming you tried to factory reset it?

How to factory reset Mecool KM6 Google Certified Android TV Box - YouTube

yup, no getting past the “Dead Android” lying on it’s back with the belly door open and a triangular (!) sign on it.
Another user here wanted it and I sent it out Friday. I have a KM2 and it performs OK, but the ONN Walmart box is better and the only thing I have that beats it is the Shield (I have the Pro model).
Hard to beat the Walmart box for the price. Thanks for the response though.
Regards, Mike

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Well, the Onn box isn’t “better” than a KM6 unless the KM6 is dead. You may just have had a faulty box. Sorry for your bad experience with it. KM6s are great boxes. Hope your Onn serves you well!


Ah, I meant to say the ONN is “better” than the KM2–mine anyway.
The KM6 was really snappy and I Really liked it until it just “Walked off the job”–Not even 2 weeks notice! Bad Worker!!! It was about a year old when it quit.

I use the Shield Pro for my own use, and I’ve been configuring a few ONN boxes for the other TV as well as friends/relatives since I bought one on a whim (Heck, a pizza costs more than the ONN box!)…so far I’ve done 3 and they all work pretty well so far.

The KM2 has this annoying glitch of taking a command from it’s remote–or any other Bluetooth device and creating a loop that lasts as long as a several seconds.
For example, if you use a Bluetooth keyboard and try to type “HTTPS”, it might work, Or you might get “HTTTTTTTTTTT…”. Same with a command by remote.
It’s not any of the input devices, I’ve paired them with other devices with no issues. So it just sits there in the box of forgotten toys.
I’m done with MeCool, at least for now.