MeCool KM6 Controller

Using a MeCool KM6 on one of the TV’s. Have been using it for about a year with no problems. All of a sudden, the controller has gone wild. It produces additional inputs by itself. Up, down, left right, enter, volume, etc. It has also started to lag inputs by a 2-10 seconds. Have changed the batteries in the controller and have re-paired it. It will work fine for a while, then suddenly adding inputs. Is there anything else I can do?

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If I had to guess, I’d say you have a sticky key on the remote.

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I could see one sticky key, but many of them are providing additional inputs - left, right, up, down, enter, back, plus volume, minus volume.

The whole pad could have gotten some sort of liquid spill into it and under the supposed waterproof membrane and keys are sticking. It’s about the only way I could see getting multiple clicks from multiple keys. So I suspect a failed remote keypad.

If you take the remote apart use a guitar pick or some other narrow piece of plastic to prize it open. Take out the rubber pad and the casing and clean it in some soapy water .Leave it to dry off and put it back together again and see if that cures it.

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Sounds good. I’ll try that.


Definitely try the cleaning method. And I think even one stuck key could cause all those inputs if the controller had it’s logic all scrambled from one stuck key. Worst case if you can’t get it to go – before you throw it away – put it in the oven at it’s lowest setting (say 170 degrees) for a half hour. This may re-seat some of the solder connections (and get all the moisture out). Or not. Good luck.

I had an issue with a Grandkid spilling or transferring sticky finger syndrome to our Shield Pro remote and it stopped working. I picked up some Contact Cleaner with a small tube attached and sprayed, moved keys around, especially the ring and it works just like new now


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