Mecool KM2 Storage

I have just installed a 32GB Sandisk as external storage on my Mecool KM2. I followed Troy’s instructions in his installation video to the letter, but when I get to the part about transferring Apps to this external storage, nothing happens when I click on the App. It still just show the Internal Storage. What have I done wrong? What to do now?

Same with me. All that storage just sitting there.

Very odd. My KM2 following Troy’s installation and setup instructions worked flawlessly. My 128Gb sandisk showed as storage and showed the apps I transferred onto it. Now if I remember correctly some ppl had issues with off brand dongles or sticks for storage and not working I also remember some had to use the usb2 and not the usb3. Sorry I can’t be more specific as I threw my KM2 in the electronic junk pile after 1 week of testing.

I have a new Scandisk 3s Gig stick, so its not am off-brand device. It has a USB 2.0 connection, but I have tried it in both ports on the KM2. I still have the same problem. I find that newly-installed apps are loading to the external storage, but I am not able to move existing apps to it from the internal storage (which has only about 300 MB left). Any suggestions?

PS Scandisk is 32 GB.

I have resolved my own problem. I listened again to Troy’s Mecool installation video, and I found that I had missed the section on creating Developer Options, which then allowed me to enable “force allow apps on external”. Switching it to ON made all the difference, and it now works properly. Thank you for your initial reply; the fault was entirely mine.

Congratulations. That was really smart of you to start from the beginning and go over each and every step. Now you know and can help others when they have the same problem. Enjoy.

Hi I decided to listen to Troy’s Mecool setup video again; at 1:48 onwards he talks about setting up Developer Options, which enables one to become a Developer. It allows several things, one of which is the facility to enable - at 3:06 - to Force Allow Apps on External. Once this is turned on, my problem - and yours, I think - was resolved, and I have now transferred all the Apps I wanted to move onto the new memory stick. Hope you can do this, and it helps you too.


Great job, thanks for the info :+1:

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